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pinkmonkeydream's Journal

moody. fickle? un/predictable? it comes and goes. notorious procrastinator. weird. a glutton? i hope not. daydreamer. semi-oc methinks. a fangirl for sure.

interests of the moment/those that i would make time for/make my day: dong bang shin ki, yunjae, yoosu, minfood - whatever makes him happy, kim jaejoong, heechul, donghae, hyukjae, epik high, youtube, fanfiction!, epic fanfiction, kyou kara maou, prince of tennis, selena gomez, vanessa hudgens, facebook, shorts, shoes, food always, rest and leisure, pink, school - kind of have to be interested, lip balm, mellow 94.7, headbands, ponytails, pens, worthwhile conversations, getting things done
*mostly* pop, 1x2, 3x4, 5xanyone, adobo, angels and demons, anime, apples, asian culture, baby smell, bags, baths and showers, bbq, beach, beauty and the beast, big bang theory, black, blue, board games, boots, brown, card captor sakura, cardigans, cereal, champorado, charlie's angels movies, cheese, cheesecake, cherries, chocolate, chocolate toppings, christmas, cleanliness, coffee, coffee flavored ice cream, coffee prince, comprehension, cousins, cute, disney channel, earrings, eating, eggs, ever after, f.r.i.e.n.d.s., family and friends, fanfiction, forbidden love, fun, glee, gold, goong, grapes, guava, harry potter movies, harry potter series, hearts, holidays, home, hugs, internet, jokes, jonas, jude deveraux, judith mcnaught, juice, kingdom of heaven, kyou kara maou, lip balm, lotion, maging sino ka man, mangoes, mangosteen, milk, milk tea, movies, music, my girl, nancy drew books, nice hair, nora roberts, oranges, pajamas, pancakes, peaches, pears, pens, phineas and ferb, pictures, pineapple, pink, pinoy comedy movies, pizza, popos, potatoes, pride and prejudice, prince of tennis, printed and bound fanfiction, pumpkin soup, purple, puto bungbong, reading, romance novels, salad, sandals, she's the man, shorts, shrimp, silver, skirts, sleeping, sleeping beauty, slippers, sloppy firsts series, smiles, spare ribs, stuffed or cartoon monkeys, susan elizabeth phillips, the classic, the giver, the little mermaid, the mummy movies, the nanny, the notebook, the o. c., tv, twilight series, vanilla ice cream, vodka, walking, watches, white, wizards of waverly place, world history, yogurt, yuyu hakusho, zorro movies